Executive Director | Chief Marketing Officer | Entertainer


Philly-born Michael Mathews is an acclaimed musical entertainer who has had the extreme good fortune to have been recognized or endorsed by some of the biggest names in both entertainment and musical theatre. An accomplished entrepreneur, business and marketing master, producer and tour veteran alike, Mathews is the longtime protégé of Broadway great, Peter Palmer, and post-humous mentee of the legendary Bobby Darin. His charisma, stage presence and vocals continue to “wow” audiences from Las Vegas entertainment to Broadway musical genres after more than 2 decades in the business. While having over 2,000 professional performances under his belt, Mathews’ greatest passion (besides truly touching 

the lives of audiences) is helping theatres, venues, organizations and professional performing artists be financially successful by combining high-end entertainment with elite marketing systems in an entertainment industry that is historically built on a terrible business model. As even renowned cynic performing arts critic, Mark Leib, wrote, “I’ve seldom met a producer with as much energy and sheer willpower as Mathews. Dynamic, aggressive and irrepressively enterprising. Dedicated and tenacious… and selling out houses. He looks like an athlete, talks like a salesman and also happens to be a star performer. Clearly, Mathews is doing something right – or, more likely, many things right.”