Entertainment Booking Director


NYC born and raised, David’s passion for the entertainment industry began while watching The Jolson Story at age 5. Totally enthralled by the power of Jolson’s performances on stage and his audience’s love and adoration. David’s obsession with entertainers and anything show business has been a focal point all his life. From his first job at 16 as an usher in the local movie theater, to becoming the youngest manager for Loew’s Theatre’s in NYC, his dedication, determination and love of show business continued.

As a film buyer for the largest booking agency in New England, David immersed himself in all

aspects of the industry – from sales, marketing and advertising to learning how relationship building and networking are the life blood of the industry.

While working to produce a “pet” live theatre project, David was introduced to Mathews Events and Entertainment Company. Being impressed by their professional productions, Michael’s, Jessica’s and their troupe’s on-stage presence and talent, their business acumen and love of the theatre and entertainment worlds, it was a natural fit for all of them to come together to take Mathews Entertainment to the next level.